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My name is Lora. Sometimes I go by Lora, left-hand, lemon-lime. Why? Well, if you tell me to turn right, I’ll want to go left. Just tell me to go left and everything will be fine. I like to take unexpected turns just to get lost. I find most discoveries and fun happen from venturing into the unknown. The “lemon-lime” part comes from, well… I like them, I squeeze them on just about anything, but I also like chocolate (not with lime).

I like to think about why things are what makes design successful. I believe good design is about collaboration, content and meaning, not just about making things look good. Great design speaks directly to the individual, making an emotional connection to your brand. My work capitalizes on my formal education in graphic design, and psychology. I put myself in the customer’s shoes and design your brand to resonate with them.

One more thing, I like coffee and beer (but not together). Drop me a note, lets meet up. Lets talk about  your next big idea is and how we can make it happen!