First Friday Art Shows at Unification Point no. 1

First Friday flyer

I’m so excited to have the opportunity and an amazing space to collaborate with other artist every First Friday this summer in Five Points, Denver. Josh Garcia, owner of Unification Point, amazing person, and supporter of the arts, is giving up his space for ART.

Our first show launched the First Friday in April and included three of us: LandLocked Artisan, David Sheets and Dying Breeds, Joshua Bales and myself. These two guys are good friends and amazing people. I threw myself in the mix and decided I needed an artist alias as well. I’m calling my art brand UP YOU. Although at first it sounds like you are telling someone off, it’s actually the opposite. I’m telling people to UP, elevate, strive for more! UP comes from my collaboration with Unification Point (UP) and YOU is my brand… it’s about YOU (self) and doing the best you can, always.

Stay tuned, drop me a note if you would like to find out more about our Art Shows and schedule of Artists coming this summer.