Steve Jobs

From my brother (about Steve Jobs): Haven’t read the biography but knew he was not I nice man.  All he was in my opinion hippie who did a lot of acid and became a marketing genius.  I think he had a chip on his shoulder and it blows my mind how or why people admire him so much.  You know the saying “You can make money or you can make sense but you can’t make both.”  He made a lot of money, so what does that tell you!  Tyrant! Megalomaniac!

Me: ha!!!! that quote “you can make money, or you can make sense (cents), but you can’t make both is from Bucky Fuller (one of my Heros) … I just finished reading the book. Steve Jobs was an JERK! I would not have lasted 30 seconds with the man. He was a hippy, he did acid. Jobs found meditation in his hippie days. He was profoundly in tune with his intuition – he was a futurist – this is what made him special and valuable in spite of all his negative traits, and this is why he mattes in history. I can appreciate that he revolutionize the personal computer industry and, I have to say, I was disappointed to learn he was such an ass hole. I wanted to like him (a lot) but I don’t (not his personality, anyway). However, I respect the fact that he contacted Walter Isacson to start writing his biography a couple of years before he died – yes, part of it was his ego– but what surprised me is that he specifically told Walter not to sugar coat any of the facts, and he didn’t. You don’t’ know how many times (when I was reading the book) I wanted to hear that Steve turned his life around and became a compassionate, caring person, but he didn’t. I dont think I would have liked to meet Steve Jobs. I don’t agree with his management style, but I deeply respect who he was and what he did. He is certainly one of the few people in the world that, despite his intensity and dislike, was a true visionary and was unapologetically true to his core… you have to admire that integrity!

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